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Safe in a Gated Community

August 02, 2011

The chickens are thoroughly enjoying their new safety of living in a gated community. The fencing contractor finally arrived last week and finished off the wooden fence that surrounds our backyard, adding gates for our ease in getting in and out.  Keeping the chickens safe is of prime importance, so finishing off the fence was our top priority this summer.

Actually, the chickens rather liked the former arrangement of the temporary fence, as they could see out into the world.  They also loved the thrill of  escaping into the side yard with its virgin grass and shrubs.  But I think that the dog attack earlier this summer convinced the chickens they were better off staying within their exclusive boundaries. read more »

Chickens as Pets

May 16, 2011

I recently did a book signing at the Bibelot Shop where they asked me to bring along one of my chickens. As Coco sat docilely letting people hold her and feed her, everyone was amazed at how friendly she was.

As I chatted with the  customers, I was reminded that people who don’t have chickens often have a hard time comprehending the notion of chickens as pets. They understand chickens for eggs, fertilizer and bug control, but a quizzical look crosses their faces when you mention their appeal as pets. read more »