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Chickens and Tchotchkes

January 27, 2010

When I brought home three baby chicks a few years ago, I had one rule for everyone around me: No chicken tchotchkes!

I may have become the chicken-girl, but I didn’t want my home becoming a depository for chicken-related knickknacks. For the most part, everyone has been good. They’ve passed up the chicken salt and pepper shakers, chicken plates, chicken pitchers, chicken figurines and other chicken objects d’art.

This Christmas however, I received a chicken-themed gift that I love: A handmade chicken tea cozy. As a tea-drinker, my morning cuppa is very dear to me and this cozy brings a smile to my face every morning.

Made by fabric artist Aimee McAdams, who also raises chickens in the Twin Cities, it snugly fits my new tea pot and is lined with a polka-dot lining calling out rise and shine and other corny sayings. I just love it.

Aimee’s website shows all of her creations and she’s willing to custom make something for you. Send her a note at May your chickens and tea stay toasty warm this chilly winter.

While I’m on the subject of fabric artists, I must share the beautiful chicken pincushion a dear friend handmade for my last birthday. She specifically chose the fabric to coordinate with my three chicks. The golden side features Roxanne my Buff Orpington and the other side represents Lulu and Cleo, the two Easter Egg chicks. It sits on the window of my office.

Even though it’s a pincushion, I can’t bring myself to put a pin into it– who could pierce this cute chicken, especially when it represents my three special chicks? The main reason I’m keeping pins away however, is the Reverend Pat Robertson. That man knows all. I’d hate to be accused of practicing chicken voodoo, because we all know what that leads to. (Which reminds me, I’ve now added a link directly to the American Red Cross Haitian Relief Fund. The Haitians will continue to need help for a long time, please donate.)

I’m happy to say a few chicken items have found a home here since the girls arrived, but they’re handmade and from the heart. Our house is still a chicken tschotschke free zone!