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Broadway Dreams

April 07, 2009

Drama Queen

Lulu is being melodramatic lately, as usual. Imagine Bette Davis in feathers and you’ll get the picture. Lulu announces her presence each morning off-stage, before the coop is opened, with a piercing cackle. I think she’s complaining that I’m late with her morning breakfast tray.

As she saunters out of the coop, arranging her lush tail feathers in a high arch, she briskly sweeps past Cleo while continuing her shrill complaints. She’s aiming for the breakfast treat bowl and the other two obligingly clear a path for her. Lulu consents to sharing her food with Roxanne, no doubt because Roxanne is twice her size. But if little Cleo tries to get her share, Lulu’s sharp beak find its way into Cleo’s tender skin. You can almost see her spit the words “Stand back you little upstart!” The books all mention the pecking order of a flock. I’m convinced it’s more of a casting line-up. The hen that has the lead reigns over understudies or those in the chorus.

After breakfast, Lulu strolls the garden, continuing to mutter. Since she’s no longer hungry, is she complaining about the weather, the “no-talent” cast she’s with or the lack of an audience? Who knows; but like most divas she feels destined for greater things than this off-off-Broadway production she’s currently starring in. There are days when those of us in the production crew would gladly see her go.

While Lulu’s waiting to be discovered as a star, here is a recipe for goat cheese-topped eggs that will satisfy even the biggest drama queen at your Easter table.