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Rescue Chickens

June 01, 2009

An update to the Chicken Run Rescue story

A few days after my visit, they suddenly had 60 birds on their waiting list. The need for adoptions is high — those of you considering adding chicks to your home, please think of adopting!

I also feel honored that one of their latest arrivals is named Janice, a beautiful 4 month old red sex-link. (Sex-links are a breed of hybrids where the sex of the bird can be determined at hatching by their color.) She sounds delightful and if I had a bigger coop I’d have to adopt my namesake. I may have to get a bigger coop just to do so…..

Also, a new class if being offered by the rescue group for those thinking about owning chickens and those for who already have chickens. Make plans to sign up:


June 20, 2009, 9 to 1 pm

pre-registration required


Introduction to the basics of living with chickens with an emphasis on the practicalities of costs and commitment required and the rewarding bond that develops between humans and chicken companions. This workshop will furnish information about providing an enriched environment to meet their instinctive interests, needs, and activities and relevant state and local laws that protect them and their predators.

Presentations by local experts on chicken history and behavior, vet care and zoonoses (diseases that an be transmitted from animals to humans), animal law, shelter design specific to the Minnesota climate, non-lethal predator protection and landscaping for forage.

Appropriate for those who currently care for chickens or are considering doing so, animal control professionals, shelter staff and veterinary technicians. CE credits pending. Veterinary technicians like veterinary clinic near Houston Heights provide a great support in taking care of such abandoned chicks.

To register, contact

Put Class Registration in the subject field of the e-mail.

Also, please subscribe to The Chicken Run Rescue Adoption Chronicles

The notices contain a link to personality profiles and photos of the birds who are available for adoption and contain information about chicken care from the perspective of those who respect and advocate for them. We average about one message a month.

To subscribe, contact
Put Subscribe Adoption Chronicles in the subject field of the e-mail.

The Chickens are Hatching…. a Plot—not Eggs!

October 30, 2008

I’ve been working a lot of hours recently and I think the chickens are busy scheming. They’ve been in their run more than usual because I’m not home. By the time I do get home it’s soon dark so they haven’t been doing much running in the backyard. Today I came home early to discover the chicks had been up to something. I think they’re trying to escape.

They’d been digging in their run all day and there were three big holes. A deep hole under the water bowl, another one halfway down the run and a third one near the coop. It looked like they were enacting The Great Escape or maybe Chicken Run. (I think Crazy Lulu would love the Steve McQueen role, she seems the motorcycle type!)

Chickens love digging in the dirt. They spend all day scratching for food, grubs and other goodies. They also lay on their sides and kick dirt onto themselves forming shallow holes in the process. The dirt actually keeps them clean. As the hens kick, the fine dirt settles on their feathers and filters through to their skin. They’ll usually roll around rubbing the dirt into their pores before shaking like a wet dog scattering the dirt and debris away. It’s their way of keeping parasites from attaching to their skin. When they’re done, they walk away looking as clean as if they’d bathed in water. (Aren’t you dog owners jealous?)

If chickens don’t have a place to dust-bathe they’ll create one. My chicks usually love the scrubby part of the garden behind the garage and I’ll often find them there when they seem to have disappeared. For those who have or want an immaculate backyard, it’s best to provide an area for the chicks to roll around in or they’ll create one themselves. I’ve heard they’ll even bathe in a flowerpot or large pan of sand but mine seem to prefer the dirt by the garage. When they’re denied access to it I guess they start digging tunnels.