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The Year of the Egg

February 18, 2009

It’s official—eggs are trendy! Bon Appétit magazine proclaimed Anything with an Egg on Top as their Dish of the Year in the January 2009 issue. Eggs are featured on top of pizza, on top of pasta and at the top of salads for delicious high-protein low-cost meals.

The girls were nonplussed when I told them. Lulu harrumphed “I’ve been laying eggs “on top” of lots of things for a long time and no one thought to make that page one news! Eggs on top of cedar shavings, eggs on top of straw, eggs on top of grass, eggs on top of treat bowls and last week I even laid eggs on top of snow and no one made headlines for me!” (I think they’re a little grumpy—freezing rain will do that I guess.)

I have to say I’m excited the rest of the country will finally experience what those of us with chickens have known all along: Eggs are the perfect food with anything, especially newly-laid still-warm eggs fresh from the backyard.

Check out the post below for a recipe honoring The Year of the Egg.