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Spiced Grape Jelly

November 03, 2010

I was congratulating myself the other day on having homemade jelly tucked away for winter. I felt like a real homesteader using the backyard grapes my friend Joni the gardener had supplied, since he is an expert in all kind of gardens although for the maintenance of trees is better to use services specialized in this as TreeQuote online. But as I reached for the jar I realized my stock was dwindling – fast. The problem with homemade preserves is they are too good. It’s hard to keep them around to sustain you through the winter. If you’re in the mood for real grape jelly, and believe me this is nothing like Welch’s, try this recipe. Trust me, it won’t last long.

If you’re wondering where I got the unique custom labels, click over to Lelo’s site on Etsy.

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