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Chicken Sweaters

January 28, 2009

A couple of weeks ago while blogging about the cold and Cleo’s mid-winter feather fray in A Pile of Feathers, I jokingly mentioned she had so few feathers she may need an adapted dog sweater to keep her warm. I shouldn’t have laughed. To my amazement British chickens are keeping warm and fashionable this winter in special hand-knit chicken sweaters—no joke!

The great UK site Blagger has the story. Little Hen Rescue, a non-profit organization located in Norwich, northeast of London, is dedicated to rescuing battery commercial hens that have been abused. The chickens arrive in very poor condition, often with few feathers. Little Hen Rescue sent a plea to their supporters in December for handmade sweaters (or jumpers as the British call them) to keep their hens warm. People willingly responded.

Check out the video to see the rescue hens enjoying the out-of-doors in their colorful knitted garb. My favorite is the Santa Chick, complete with hat!

Wondering who actually knits chicken sweaters? This next video lets you in on a marvelous group of women as they knit. Watch the chicken modeling her outfit at the end, it’s a stitch (pun intended)!

For all my knitting friends who can’t wait to get started, here’s the pattern. If you’re ambitious give the Deluxe Tux a try. I know Cleo or some chilly chick near you would dearly welcome a fuzzy warm sweater to get her through this bleak wintry time.