Janice Cole Recipe Development

recipe development

I translate today’s food trends into recipes for the home cook.

When I develop recipes, I draw on the experience I’ve gained through my years in restaurant and home kitchens, my culinary education, and travels abroad to translate complex and intricate flavors into recipes home cooks can easily undertake. I rely on three guiding principles: The recipes should be full-flavored, colorful and attractive, and taste fabulous. As a result my recipes have been extremely popular and widely requested.

My large repertoire of recipes feature quick and simple meals, cooking techniques demystified, flavors from around the world, and healthy foods. I have demonstrated the ability to multi-task, handling a number of different projects at once. I am also able to take charge, coordinate and work with a team.

As test kitchen director of the Cooking Club magazine for over 10 years, I’ve gained experience in recipe troubleshooting. I’m happy to spend a day in the kitchen exploring the complexities behind a recipe and ensuring its success.

I regularly contribute articles and recipes to the Cooking Club magazine. I also work with a variety of other clients on both editorial and promotional projects from recipe pamphlets to books. I’m adept at tailoring each recipe to fit the clients’ needs.

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A partial list of clients:
Cooking Club magazine
American Heart Association
General Mills, Inc.
Target Corporation
Tad Ware and Company
Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc.
The Schwan Food Company
Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board