Janice Cole Press


“Janice Cole’s charming Chicken and Egg tells the story of raising chickens Cleo, Roxanne and Lulu… readers will fall for the feathered femmes and the seasonal dishes.”
Charlotte Druckman, The Wall Street Journal

“My new favorite cookbook.”
Katherine Miller, The Oregonian

“I can honestly say there is not a single recipe amongst the 125 in the book that I do not want to try.”
Michelle, Domestic Sluttery

“Whether or not you have ever pondered owning chickens this book is definitely a must read. I defy anyone not to fall a little bit in love with Lulu, Cleo and Roxanne. I know I have.”
Michelle, Domestic Sluttery

“The quick and easy chicken- and egg-based dishes are delicious enough to make you consider getting chickens of your own.”
Bryan Borzykowski, Hello! Canada

I admit that what really drew me in were the recipes but if you’ve ever taken a chicken or eggs for granted, you won’t after  reading this book. And it’s in that particular context that Cole’s prose stands out. Reading the book, you gain an appreciation for a chicken’s value and worth.”
Esther Sung, Epicurious

“A cute cookbook.”
Janet Keeler, St. Petersburg Times

“If you like chicken and also enjoy eggs, the new cookbook Chicken and Egg provides a lively variety of recipes for both.”
Julian Armstrong, Montreal Gazette

“Stories of the goofy chicks that become endearing, full-blown hens are woven through the elegant seasonal dishes, along with advice for raising your own.”
Beth Dooley, StarTribune