the chickens

I currently raise four chickens in my backyard. They provide me with fresh eggs and entertainment. To read about their weekly antics follow my blog Three Swingin’ Chicks.


Roxanne is a four year old Buff Orpington and the self-proclaimed leader of the coop. She’s a big bird with golden feathers and a wide fluffy bottom. When she runs she looks like a buxom Victorian grand dame with a bustle on her rear end. When I go out to the backyard she usually comes running from wherever she is in the backyard. She’s friendly, lets me pick her up and pet her, lays lots of large brown eggs and is a perfect breed for cold weather climates.


Cleo is a four year old mixed breed Araucana/Ameraucana, also known as an Easter Egger. She lays unique eggs that have an olive green outer shell and a pale blue inner shell. She’s always been the sweetheart of the group, but since last summer when I added the latest two additions to the coop, she’s decided to move up in the pecking order and has taken to bossing and hen-pecking the two new birds to exert her power. She is still sweet with me and will climb on my lap and sit contentedly for as long as I’ll let her, even falling asleep at times. This breed is good for cold weather and fairly good layers of stunning green or blue eggs.


Ruby, a ten-month old Rhode Island Red, is one of my two new birds. Named after her beautiful plumage, she is my childhood favorite The Little Red Hen come to life. She’s tiny but hangs in there with the rest of the group. When she gets scared, she has a cluck that sounds like a goose honking. Loudly. She’s very friendly and eager to try new things. She’s always the first one to try out a new food or treat I’m offering. She is an extraordinary layer of light brown eggs and rarely takes a break from egg laying. This breed is good for all climates and one of the best egg-laying breeds. They’re known to be very friendly.

Coco Chanel

Coco is a ten-month old Silver Wyandotte. Her stunning black and white feathers make her the designer chick. A large full-feathered bird, she’s become very friendly and loves to be picked up whenever I go out. She lays very large pale brown eggs and is a good layer who seems to like crowding into the laying box whenever one of the others has decided to use it. This breed produces large hens that are good for winter climates (on warmer days Coco often trots out into the snow) and will give you many eggs.