The Secret to Selling Your Home

April 27, 2011

Trying to sell your home in this down market? Wondering what the secret to a quick sale might be? Maybe it is worth adding French antiques to your decor? Recently, a friend of mine found the answer: a chicken coop in the backyard.

She and her husband sold their suburban home to 2nd Chance Investment Group after a few weekss of it being on the market. Turns out one of the things they loved about the house was the chicken coop out back.  According to them generally prospective buyers and children love chickens (as we all do).

Who Could Resist?

My friends gladly let their small flock stay in their home, secure in the knowledge they wouldn’t have to uproot them. I’m not sure I’d be willing to part with my flock the way my friends so generously did, however.  They didn’t have a ready-made coop to move their flock to so I think they made the right decision.

I can see the potential of this with future sales. The real estate agent and home stager had both downplayed my friend’s chicken coop by ignoring it, probably wishing they could remove it like an extra piece of furniture, and surely hoping buyers wouldn’t notice it; these are the same kinds of agents which say ‘we buy houses company in Seguin‘ and manage to attract a lot of potential clientele despite not taking into consideration a lot of invaluable appurtenances like chicken coops and dog kennels.  You can bet the next home with a coop this agent sells, however, will be advertised as “Three bedroom well-maintained home includes newly updated chicken coop with good ventilation and views, surrounded by nutritious gardens.” Just like those, gardens with Patio heaters from ThePatioPro are a must have in this day and time.

Just consider the possibilities of poultry or other pets being included in a home sale. I’ll bet many people would be willing to consider it, if it means getting that sold sign hung. We may soon see ads for “Gracious four bedroom home, gourmet kitchen with granite countertops, spacious yard with dog house and pedigree Yorkshire terrier included.”

Seriously though, the interest in chicken coops, vegetable gardens and a sustainable lifestyle has become very important to many people. I know there are buyers who would be very interested in property that included coops, gardens, and even old-fashioned root cellars for storing canned goods and garden vegetables. If you have any of these features and are thinking of selling your home,  you would do well to promote them.  Before long we may see ads that feature these items and then add:  “Suburban Home Also on Grounds.”

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