A Lulu of an Egg

October 04, 2008

Crazy Lulu’s at it again. A few days ago while letting the chicks out to free-range I noticed her back area looked wet. With much concern, I tried to get a closer look. The Wild One didn’t let me get close. We were a funny sight as doubled over I almost tripped trying to sneak up on her. As she scurried away she suddenly began to waddle strangely and I became more worried.

All of a sudden in the middle a waddle out pops an egg! But it’s no ordinary egg—it’s a pre-peeled egg. The normal-sized egg was fully formed with a yolk, white and membrane. The only thing lacking was the beautiful pale blue shell. Because the membrane was surprisingly strong, I was able to pick the egg up and gently clean it before cooking it in lightly simmering water. It was delightful.

Egg Without Shell Before Cooking

After Cooking

We’ve had a few problems with Lulu laying soft eggs recently and we’re not sure why. Her diet is balanced and she eats oyster shells daily to add calcium for strong shells. She’s not sick and the other chicks are fine. I’ve discussed her situation with a vet who specializes in chickens and she’s stumped. I’ve also asked a local group of chicken enthusiasts but no one seems to have any answers. Maybe she’s starting to molt and it’s a symptom. I hope it stops soon.

I’ve never seen one of my chicks lay an egg in 1½ years. I know some people have put mini-cams in their coops but I don’t have a voyeuristic streak so I’ve avoided that route. Lulu’s recent egg drop was my first time. Even though it wasn’t a normal egg, it was still exciting.

I’ve created a dish in honor of Crazy Lulu’s egg. Even if you don’t have your own pre-peeled eggs, you’ll love the following recipe featuring softly cooked eggs.

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